• Garden Fresh Spring Roll
    A mix of fresh lettuce greens, cucumber, carrot, Thai basil, mint, and cilantro, wrapped in rice paper, served with our special dipping sauce
    $7.95 – Add Avocado $1.95 – Add Shrimp $2.95
  • Deep Fried Spring Roll
    A choice of fresh vegetables or minced curry chicken, served with our special sweet chili dipping sauce
    $2.25 ea. / $7.95 for 4 / $20.95 for 12
  • Crispy Prawns (6)
    Served with our fresh lime chili sauce
  • Crispy Calamari (Tubes & Tentacles)
    Served with our fresh lime chili sauce
  • Larb
    Minced chicken or pork seasoned with sweet red onion, lime juice, chili, mint and crushed toasted rice, served with cabbage
    $12.95 – Make it Local Cut Fish for market price!
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