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Whether you’re just passing through Morro Bay on vacation, or if you live in the area, Morro Bay has a ton of great restaurants to choose from. Of course there are many restaurants that specialize in seafood since the town is located on the water and adjacent to a working commercial fishing port! Still there are plenty of other restaurants that specialize in things like burgers, steaks or other traditional fare.

The Thai Bounty in Morro Bay, located at the bottom part of the Embarcadero, is a unique Thai restaurant that features amazing traditional Thai food as well as it is known widely for it’s great seafood dishes done created by Thai Bounty’s chef Doi.

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Locals and visitors both agree that the Thai Bounty is not just one of the best thai restaurants in the area, it is also one of the best restaurants in Morro Bay period! With an amazing attention to detail, the chefs at the Thai Bounty are known for adding an amazing flare to each dish.

You like spicy? Say no more! Actually watch what you say when ordering dishes extra spicy at the Thai Bounty! Thai spices are notorious for being hot, hot, hot! It is best when visiting this morro bay restaurant for the first time to order just medium spice to see how hot these dishes can be. Then the next time you come in, you can maybe go a little extra on the spice.

More amazing Thai Dishes from one of Morro Bay’s best restaurants!



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Remember, when looking for restaurants in Morro Bay, reviews are a great place to start. Do a search for restaurants in the local area and check out what others say about the various restaurants. Of course everyone knows you can’t please everyone, and we also know that there is a certain type of person that tends to like to write reviews, but seeing a large number of really good reviews on a restaurant’s business listings or on the various review sites like Yelp is a great way to gauge how other people have enjoyed a particular restaurant.

Come on in anytime and check out the Thai Bounty! Give us a call for takeout orders! (805) 772-2500

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Thai Bounty- One of the finest of Morro Bay Restaurants

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